Geris Kraus

Partner, Construction Manager

A third generation framer with over 15 years experience, Geris’ passion for improving the framing process continues to push Mindak to be one of the most innovative framing companies in the upper midwest.

Geris lives in Lakeville, Minnesota with his wife and children, and enjoys golfing, live music, and travel.

Lee Noland

Partner, Operations Manager

An experienced financial planner and business manager for over 15 years, Lee helps Mindak understand client requirements and timelines, allowing Mindak to deliver best-in-class service.

Lee earned a degree in Finance from Minnesota State University, Mankato in 2008. He lives in Mankato, Minnesota with his wife and children, and enjoys golfing, hockey, and boating.

Mindak Construction formed in 2011 providing on-site framing for large-scale commercial projects throughout the upper midwest.

Early on, partners Lee Noland and Geris Kraus recognized an opportunity to streamline costs and shorten timelines through a combination of smart logistics and innovative construction know-how. From its headquarters in Lonsdale, Minnesota, Mindak combines pre-built wall-panels, trusses, and loose materials in addition to on-site labor, offering clients a single source for end-to-end framing needs.